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Sometimes we feel stuck, sad, depressed, anxious etc. Reaching out to friends and family isn’t enough. You are invited to a nonjudgemental, safe and openminded environment where you can be heard, get unstuck and back to where you deserve to be.
 There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth… not going all the way, and not starting. -Buddha

Families come in different shapes and sizes, different cultures and backgrounds. I understand the modern family and value and appreciate the uniqueness of each. Families work as a system, like a machine. If a part isn’t working properly the machine as a whole can be affected. This can be due to many reasons, breakdown of communication, divorce, trauma etc. How can we work to get your well oiled machine up and running again?

C H I L D & T E E N
Growing up is an exciting time for both children and their parents. There are many adjustments families feel they have to make and sometimes these difficult times can be scary or overwhelming to face on your own. This is where a professional counselor comes to play. When children and teens are finding themselves and exploring life there are many events that can pull them into feeling, sad, stuck or angry (among other feelings) and this can result in unwanted behavior or emotional “roller coasters”. Child and adolescent therapy can focus on enhancing relationships, improving communication and esteem building.

Occasionally various therapy groups will be available for you. Groups can be beneficial in multiple ways. Having a group of people striving to change in the same room, offering support can be a very comforting feeling. Your presence and story can help others as well. Inquire about available therapy groups.

It is not uncommon for us to misunderstand or miscommunicate with our partners. Whether you are fighting, lacking communication or cannot clearly identify what is of kilter, couples counseling can assist. It is common for couples to seek assistance in rebuilding their relationship and reaching out to a professional to find resolve.