Families come in different shapes and sizes, different cultures and backgrounds. I understand the modern family and value and appreciate the uniqueness of each. Families work as a system, like a machine. If a part isn’t working properly the machine as a whole can be affected. This can be due to many reasons, breakdown of communication, divorce, trauma etc. How can we work to get your well oiled machine up and running again?
Family therapy can be a daunting concept. If you are finding friction in the home and want a change contact me to assist in working through some of the communication breakdown. There are common misconceptions about who is right for family therapy. Many think that it is for parents with young children however, parents with adult children face roadblocks and hurdles too. Families are always changing as the phases of life changes. Working with a professional counselor families are provided an opportunity to learn to overcome these hurdles, build communication, trust and connection while the family unit is changing and growing.