Sometimes we go through life struggles and require a little extra to get us by and help us regain balance. Are you feeling stuck or finding yourself feeling like you lost “the real you”? Maybe you are in a state or transition and need support or guidance. Emotionally trying times or states of anxiety or depression can cause you to feel off balance and out of wack. People often times experience emotional struggles and desire a little extra help. Sometimes it is important to have a professional therapist help navigate you through these muddy waters. I strive to assist you to find balance. When we feel stuck, most times we are in a state of imbalance paralyzed from moving forward on our own. You may feel like you are treading water struggling to stay afloat. Or as if you are swimming against a current, or simply wandering aimlessly. These are examples of common feelings that leave us wanting more out of life. Let us work together and help you in your journey to identify, move and grow past your “stuck”. Walk through fear, anxiety, worry, depression, unease, sadness with us. If you find yourself simply wanting more and not know what your desires are or have a serious trauma and want to work through it, we are here to help. No problem is too small, trivial or otherwise.  YOU are worth it, YOU are WORTH feeling relief and feeling better.