“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them”

Sometimes we get stuck in the same old thought pattern and we cannot get out of our problems. We forget that we got ourselves where we are, or we don’t want to admit it. (It can be a tough pill to swallow that we got ourselves in a sticky situation) That being said it is important to recognize that our thinking and actions got us to where we are. Taking that personal responsibility is important as it helps us to move forward and grow. Once we recognize the need to borrow someone else’s brain (or ideas) to problem solve we are able to move through a change cycle easier. 

1) Evaluate and identify the problem – This is important to know the area of change you are seeking. Maybe you want to be less grouchy with a spouse or family member, maybe you want to increase your mood or reduce anxiety. It is important to identify the problem area. 

2) Talk to someone who has success in the problem area – This is key because it is important to have someone pouring into you that knows a bit about what you are struggling with. For example, you want a personal trainer who has a good physique and eats well. 

3) Work with a therapist – This is a good option for more complicated behaviors you want to change. Anxiety, depression, life transitions, family conflict, stress management etc (these are topics that I personally specialize in treating) 

4) Evaluate your options –  It is important to do a pro and con list here, or a more intricate cost/benefit analysis. 

5) Keep a positive approach – Keeping a positive approach really assists with helping you remain in the solution and not wallowing in the problem. When you wallow, you remain stuck. Staying in a positive mindset helps you focus on the problematic situation and how to rise above rather than all the things that can go wrong.


Remember: The problem is just a situation and has a solution, You can do this, This is temporary & Every problem has a solution!