…and more

The functioning of the mind (emotions, thoughts, feelings etc) is experienced through the body. Some have saidhow-do-vitamins-and-minerals-work-open-graph “your body is your temple”. The “and more” comes in play when discussing the way we care for our physical body in addition to our emotional well being. Nutrition is essential and is the fuel for your machine (body) When working with us remember food highly influences your mood and overall level of energy. We work with various nutritionists in the area and have some excellent psychoeducation opportunities surrounding the topic of food. We also have experience with Overeaters Anonymous and eating disorders. If you find that your doctor or loved ones are bringing up your nutrition often yet you still have difficulty following reccomendations there may be another layer of “stuck” that you need help moving past. Food and nutrition is just a small component of the “and more”.


Activity level, movement, flexibility, balance and strength are all components of a healthy body. Working withuntitled-design-27 untitled-design-26individuals with their physical fitness goals and overcoming their roadblocks is a BIG component of overcoming emotional blockers. Lets explore your activity level, whether you like to go for a casual stroll or are a powerlifter, there are so many things that arise to block us from our goals. Working with people who want to build their athletic abilities, strengthen their physical vessels or regain balance and flexibility but find that something is in their way is a major player in the “and more” of Healthy Minds counseling services. Working with multiple personal trainers, coaches and instructors in the area can help you reach new levels and new goals. If you are currently working with a fitness instructor, dance teacher or trainer and find you are not getting the results you desire, come see us to help remove the emotional blockers. The physical self is very important to take care of while seeking emotional growth. Using influences from Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, and Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit, a New York Times bestseller; we believe emotional health can heal your body. A healthy body can also influence a healthy mind. Love your body, love your mind!


Spirituality is our third component. I know what you must be thinking, “Spirituality?! That’s not something I am supposed to talk about in therapy!” Oh, but it is. It doesn’t matter if you believe in the Judeo-Christian idea of God, Buddha, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, the list goes on. Or if you identify as Agnostic or Atheist. Spirituality is a light-within-series-3d-rendering-260nw-1714132723component to your life and the exploration of such is important. When we discuss spirituality we are referring to the idea that there is something greater than ourselves. Something more powerful that leads to a search for the meaning of life. This is a normal life stage; it is an innate desire ingrained inside us. We want to know more, how, why, when and where? These are all questions we ask ourselves regularly, leaning into these and developing an understanding with this power source that is bigger and more powerful than the psychical self assists us in growing in our emotional wellness. It assists us in getting UNSTUCK. To some, this may be an obvious idea and concept, you make think this as easy. However, some of us struggle, we may be mad at our higher power from a death or trauma. Some people may never have thought about it much at all. Let us help guide you through the struggle, the search and creating a deeper balance in your life.


Mind, body and soul. Equally important. Let us assist you in finding the balance you deserve to set you free and find inner peace.